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He is Risen! Walker's Christian Wooden Cross Faith Pack

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“Wishing You and Yours Many Blessings During this Easter Season!”

Walkers FaithWorks - Picture of Three Wooden Crosses from Our Decorative Wooden Wall Crosses

 VIEW OUR NEW: DECORATIVE WOODEN WALL CROSS DESIGNS. Three Wooden Crosses Photo with Wood Inlays.

Please browse around and look at the various different cross designs of our Handmade Wooden Crosses.
Made-in-the-USA-xsmlYou may also enjoy looking through our Wooden Cross Picture Galleries, which contains some of our favorite photos of our wooden crosses we have taken at various locations.
We are a Small American Family Business and proudly display the American Flag with our “Made in the USA” decals!

Each Wooden Cross is “MADE in the USA”, Individually Numbered, Photographed and Listed for Sale.
The wooden cross you see in the picture when you order, will be the wooden cross delivered!
We do this because with our select woods each cross is usually very unique and


View Walkers FaithWork Magnetic Wood Refrigerator Christian Crosses

Pictured Above is 5 examples of Our Magnetic Refrigerator Crosses. From Top to Bottom the Wooden Cross Types are: Birds Eye Maple, Cherry, Bubinga, Walnut and Wenge.

Handmade Wooden Christian Wall Crosses - Walkers Cross Picture and our John 3:16 Faith Card

Walker’s 8″ Birds Eye Maple Wall Cross with our John 3:16 Faith Card


Where to Buy a Christian Cross Online. Wooden Cross Designs Handmade in the USA.

Walkers FaithWorks is the Online Sales Showcase to Buy Handmade Christian Cross Designs of the Walker Family’s Hardwood Business (Stan’s Hardwood) located in Longmont, Colorado.