Christian Crosses – Where to Buy a Cross

Christian Crosses by Walkers FaithWorks:
Where to Buy a Cross Handmade in the USA from Beautiful Native and Exotic Hardwoods.

Walkers FaithWorks is the online sales portal where you can buy a Handmade Christian Cross created at the Walker Family Business (Stan’s Hardwood) of Longmont, Colorado.

We are currently working with approximately 20 Different Wood Types to create the numerous designs of our Wooden Christian Crosses.
We take Pictures of all our Crosses and post the images of the crosses online for you to select which cross you wish to buy. Below are several thumbnail pictures of crosses created from various types of wood. Handmade Christian Wood Cross Designs:

View Walkers FaithWork Magnetic Wood Refrigerator Christian Crosses

Pictured Above is 5 examples of Our Magnetic Refrigerator Crosses. From Top to Bottom the Wooden Cross Types are: Birds Eye Maple, Cherry, Bubinga, Walnut and Wenge.

Some Select Pieces of Wood We Use for Our Wooden Christian Crosses Have Been in Our Collection for Over 20 Years!

Handmade Wooden Christian Wall Crosses - Walkers Cross Picture and our John 3:16 Faith Card

Walker’s 8″ Birds Eye Maple Wall Cross with our John 3:16 Faith Card

Where to Buy a Christian Cross Online. Wooden Cross Designs Handmade in the USA.

Walkers FaithWorks is the Online Sales Showcase to Buy Handmade Christian Cross Designs of the Walker Family’s Hardwood Business (Stan’s Hardwood) located in Longmont, Colorado. We strive to be the source where you go to buy a cross online.

Each Handmade Christian Cross is Individually Numbered, Photographed and Listed for Sale.

The Cross You Personally Select to Buy Online Will Be the Exact Cross Delivered to You!
We do this because with our select woods each cross is usually very unique and