Christian Gift Ideas – Christian Gifts For Women and Men

Christian Gift Ideas – Christian Cross Gifts For Women and Men

Walkers FaithWorks is the online sales portal where you can buy Handmade Christian Crosses to give as Keepsake Christian Gift Ideas for Both Women and Men for all occasions. Each Cross is created at the Walker Family Business (Stan’s Hardwood) of Longmont, Colorado.

We take Pictures of each of our Christian Crosses and post the cross images online for you to browse through and select the exact cross you would like to buy to give as a Wonderful Christian Gift Idea for either Women or Men. Below are several thumbnail pictures of crosses created from various types of wood. Handmade Christian Wood Cross Designs:

Christian Crosses by the Walker Family in Longmont, Colorado

Some Select Pieces of Wood We Use for Our Wooden Christian Crosses Have Been in Our Collection for Over 20 Years!

We Currently Have 100+ Handmade Decorative Christian Crosses for Wall Hanging and other Christian Crosses Individually Photographed and Listed for You to Buy Online.
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Three Wooden Crosses – 3 Decorative Wall Hanging Crosses

Decorative Christian Hanging Wall Crosses Picture. 3 Wooden Crosses for the Wall made from various types of wood and inlays by Walkers FaithWorks.

Three of our 11 inch Tall Decorative Wooden Christian Crosses for the Wall made of various Hardwoods and Decorative Inlays. (Walkers FaithWorks: Photo taken in the Uncompahgre National Forest in Colorado).
Note: I (Brian E Walker) have also written an article about the Meaning of the Three Wooden Crosses on the Side of the Highway, Up On a Hill and of Calvary. You can read my 3 Wooden Crosses article here:
(Link opens in a new window) Read Three Crosses: What is the Meaning of Three Wooden Crosses being Displayed Together

Additional Pictures, Photos and Images of Our Crosses (like the one above) can be viewed in our Christian Cross Picture Galleries:

More Cross Images, Photos and Pictures: Page 1Page 2Page 3 and Page 4

Handmade Wooden Christian Wall Crosses - Walkers Cross Picture and our John 3:16 Faith Card

Walker’s 8″ Birds Eye Maple Wall Cross with our John 3:16 Faith Card

Our Decorative Wooden Wall Crosses Make Great Christian Gift Ideas for Men and Women!

Walkers FaithWorks is the Online Sales Showcase to Buy Handmade Christian Crosses created by the Walker Family Business (Stan’s Hardwood) located in Longmont, Colorado. Christian Crosses are GREAT CHRISTIAN GIFT IDEAS!

Each Handmade Christian Cross is Individually Numbered, Photographed and Listed for Sale.

The Cross You Personally Select to Buy Online Will Be the Exact Cross Delivered to You!
We do this because with our select woods each cross is usually very unique and

The Cross: A Great Christian Gift Idea for ALL Occasions!

Our Handmade Decorative Wooden Crosses make great Christian Gift Ideas to give as Christian Gifts for Women and Men. Giving a Christian Cross Gift is a great idea for wedding gifts, baptism gifts, birthday gifts or as an inspirational gift for anyone who is facing troubling times. We believe giving our Wooden Christian Gift Crosses as Keepsake Gifts for any occasion will continuously bring the gift of inspiration to your friends or loved one’s for years to come!