Magnetic Cross - Wooden Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses

Each of our Wooden Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses are Handmade in the USA by the Walker Family of Longmont, Colorado from Various Native and Exotic Hardwoods. Each Magnetic Cross is similar in size with our other 8 inch Tall Wall Hanging Crosses except they are approximately only 1/4″ Thick.
Magnetic Cross - Wooden Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses
Every Magnetic Cross in our Category “Wooden Refrigerator Magnetic Crosses” have an embedded (Very Strong) Rare Earth Magnet to be beautifully displayed on your refrigerator or other metal surfaces.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Magnetic Cross is Individually Numbered, Photographed and Listed for Sale. So the “Magnetic Refrigerator Cross” You Personally Select when ordering will be the exact one delivered to you. We do this because with our select woods, each cross is usually very unique and “Always One of a Kind!”

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