8″ Cherry Wood Christian Refrigerator Magnet Crosses


Every Cherry Wood Cross is “ONE of a KIND!” View Each Unique Cherry Cross then Purchase the Serial Numbered Cross of Your Choice! (Click the Images for Larger View)



All of Our 8″ Cherry Wood Crosses (Numbered WC-4300b-xx) are:
– Embedded Magnet (to Display on Refrigerator or Stick to Wall Nail)
– Approx. 8″ x 5″ and 1/4″ deep
– Made from Cherry Wood
– Clear Finish (No Stain – Natural Wood Colors)
 “Handmade in the USA!”

Our Family Business
All of our Christian Refrigerator Crosses are handmade from various select hardwoods at the Walker’s Family Business “Stan’s Hardwood” in Longmont, Colorado USA and offered for sale online exclusively here on “WalkersFaithWorks.com”.

Each of our “One of a Kind – Cherry Wood Refrigerator Crosses WC-4300b-xx” have a “extra strong” rare earth magnet embedded in them for displaying on your refrigerator or file cabinet. They will even stick to the head of a nail for wall hanging.


Each of our 8 inch Handmade Cherry Wood Christian Crosses are
 Individually Serial Numbered WC-4300b-xx
Photographed and Listed for Individual Sale. In other words, the cross you see in the picture when you place your order, is the cross you receive when your order is delivered! We do this because with our select woods used for each cross is usually very unique and  “Always One of a Kind”.


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