2″ Bloodwood Cross & Adjustable Leather Necklace: Gloss Finish, Stamped & Leaf Painted Jesus Fish / Icthus


This was one of five Bloodwood Cross Necklaces I had made in this style, of which the other four have been sold for $39.95. (This cross necklace is the one in the center of the photo with all five).

REASON for DISCOUNT: (FLAW) Unfortunately when leaf painting this one, I missed on a very small area of the stamped Ichthys (Jesus Fish Symbol).


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Comments from Brian E. Walker:
When working with these small wooden crosses “I MAKE A LOT of MISTAKES!!!”
Although these wooden cross necklace appear to be Simple-in-Design, there are many steps & opportunities for me to do something which will place them in a so-called “Second’s Category”.
The cross necklaces that I wear are all 2nd’s and the defects/flaws do not bother me one bit! Actually they just reinforce the truth that:


I really do appreciate you taking the time to look around.
Many Blessings to You and Yours!
Thanks Again!
Brian E. Walker

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Bloodwood Cross Pendant Necklace / Choker with Adjustable Leather Cord:

– Small Wooden Cross is approx.: 2″ Tall x 1.25″ Wide and 3/8″ Deep
– Stamped & Leaf Painted with the Christian Fish Symbol (Ichthys)
– “NO Stains Used” All Natural Wood Coloring & Clear Gloss Finish.
– Easily Adjusts from Choker Sizes up to a 30″ Pendant Necklace
– Great gift ideas for Christian Men and Women
– Shipped in a Padded White Jewelry Gift Box
“Handcrafted in America”

Dual Sliding (Surfer Style) Knots allows you to quickly adjust from a Choker Cross Necklace to a 30″ Cross Pendant Necklace


The Joy in Creating Wooden Crosses

“Knowing someday, somewhere, someone will gaze upon or hold on to one of our handmade wooden crosses and receive the assurance of the love, comfort and hope Our Savior Jesus Christ promised each and every one of us!”
Many Blessings to You and Yours,
The Walkers

Small Christian Fish Symbol