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What is a Walker’s Wooden Cross Christian Faith Pack?

“Walker’s Wooden Cross Christian Faith Pack #1”

Our Faith Packs are a great way to Show or Share your Faith with others.
“Share a Little FAITH!” with Our Small Red Oak Wooden Cross Walker’s Christian Faith Packs! They Make Great Gift Ideas for Christian Men and Women for as Low as $5.95 Each!!!

Picture of Walker's Wooden Cross Christian Faith Pack.
“Walker’s Wooden Cross Christian Faith Pack #1” Contain a Small Red Oak Wooden Crossrigged with a FAITH Charm and Lobster Clasp. Along with Christian Faith Cards #01, #02 and #03!

Each Individual Packaged “Wooden Cross Christian Faith Pack” Contains the Following Items:
• Small Handmade Wooden Red Oak Cross (2″ x 1.5″)
• Coupled with a Small “FAITH” Charm and Lobster Clasp to use as a Key Chain, Dangle from your Purse or Backpack, Zipper Pull or Necklace Pendant!
• “Christian Faith Card #01” with John 3:16 on the Front Side and John 3:16-18 & John 4:16 on the Back
• “Christian Faith Card #02” with “The Message of the Cross” 1 Corinthians 1:18 on the Front and Luke 23:42-43 on the Back
• “Christian Faith Card #03” with Hebrews 11:1 on the Front and Mark 11:22, Mark 9:23, Luke 18:27 and John 13:7 on the Back
• (All of the items listed above are Packaged Together in a Clear Zip Lock Poly Bag)